Project Details

Client: Orange / Pikel

Date: 11 April 2016


Orange Group, Pikel and DVmobile has launched Cube, a new challenge whose main objective is to create a collective digital dynamic built around the company’s values that will help employees gain a better understanding of Orange’s strategy, brand culture, and create links with each others. Available on the intranet, internet, Android and iOS application, the challenge is divided into 3 stages: (1) A real-time quiz among employees about the group's strategy. (2) A "One touch" arcade game to gain familiarity with the new brand expression. (3) The team challenges to define who will have the honor to participate to the grand final at a unique event in Spain.
DVmobile developed all the web services and platforms of the game. The main challenges was to make te game available any time on every device through an omnicanal workflow and to ensure the best continuity of service 24/7. The objective is largely achieved. The Cube challenge attracted more than 25,000 players in 93 countries. Over 900,000 quiz games have been played.

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